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Why Quantum Theory Is So Misunderstood – Speakeasy – WSJ February 26, 2012

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Why Quantum Theory Is So Misunderstood – Speakeasy – WSJ.

I love this article! I, like the author, am enamored with the idea that science supports the idea that everything is connected. But I also agree with him that this idea has been co opted by those who don’t fully understand the science and twisted to mean whatever they want it to. As someone who escaped the lies of mainstream religion I take great issue with those who manipulate facts to serve their own purposes (even if those purposes are altruistically motivated).

I concede that there is a lot we don’t know- but I don’t believe that means we can just make up stories to fill in those gaps. Science is the pursuit of knowledge to fill in the gaps. Religion, mainstream or otherwise, thwarts that pursuit by pretending to already have the answers.

I get it though. People want to believe they are special. They want to believe that the entire universe was created for them and will bend to their will. It’s a nice thought. But it isn’t true. And I’ll take a harsh truth over a comforting lie every time.


2 Responses to “Why Quantum Theory Is So Misunderstood – Speakeasy – WSJ”

  1. Tafacory Says:

    You are one of the few that is willing to seek Truth over a feel-good story. Many would rather enjoy their delusional fantasies than seek Truth even if it is something that is unpleasant. Nice post.

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