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Welcome September 18, 2011

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Just what the world needs, another blog. Another person pushing their ideas and opinions about the nature of things out into the cacophony of voices that we are already deafened by. Well, thankfully I’m not writing this blog for the world; I’m writing it for myself.

You see, writing is my therapy. It helps me spew forth all of the random things floating around in my thoughts and then organize those thoughts into a philosophy or set of principles by which I guide my life. I have another blog where I also write for myself (though I do admit to taking great pleasure in knowing others are reading as well) but I am limited there. I have opened that blog up to friends and family who may or may not know that I’m an atheist. Who may or may not dismiss my spiritual and/or political views based on some long ago incident which they think is my motivation. Who may or may not ostracize, judge or become confrontational with me in my daily life. I suppose I should be strong enough to say a giant “FUCK YOU!” to any and all who would do such a thing but I’m not. I don’t like confrontation but I also don’t like keeping things pent up inside. So, instead I write. I’ll do it here, anonymously, on the topic of religion and sometimes politics, especially where the two overlap.



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  1. Karen Says:

    ♥ you!!!

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